Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Beauty is matched only by its resilience

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Image: Flowering Quince (here)

The Prose
Beauty is matched only by its resilience. Vagaries of foul weather not of its bother. One can only wonder how its hardiness can accentuate the beauty of a rare element taking on the cold weather as fair game. Known to survive through the winter with its pink flowers the only living thing peeping out of the bare branches devoid of greenery. This can best be compared to the hibernating creatures padded with fur but still can only stomach the cold by 'switching off' and locked in a deep sleep for the duration of winter.The strength of purpose to survive the cold physically is more demanding than to survive the heat of summer on account that it has to bloom when it is snowing from above. Man is just as vulnerable as frost-bite is a constant reminder not to be caught without sufficient protection when out in the cold.Despite the restrictive freedom of choice imposed by the cold, Man has taken to welcoming it in certain situations mainly of sports and tourism. The ability to adjust to the change in the environment is crucial for living creatures generally

The Haiku
Quince bloomed undeterred
Cold months not a hindrance to
having bright colors
(200 Words)

For Toni's Haibun Monday 5 at
d'Verse at not more than 200 words


  1. That is a beautiful image! Your prose and haiku go with it perfectly. :)

  2. SMiLes.. why do humans
    get cOld in Winter..
    they wear clothes
    and hibernate
    in homes..
    that become
    life.. now...

    i wear

  3. I'm still amazed how so many different responses are possible to a single photograph. Fantastic.

  4. A very brave flower to bloom despite the winter harshness ~ And that bright pink color is just a standout ~

    Thanks for joining us Hank ~ Have a good week ~

  5. I especially love the haiku--almost daring color to flaunt itself in winter cold.

  6. You have honoured the resilience of this beautiful flower and ended with a gem...haiku. Beautifully penned, Cheryl-Lynn

  7. Sometimes have to bloom with even the harshest of times

  8. I like the information in your haibun regarding this remarkable flower, Hank. How is it that this flower can thrive under such conditions?

  9. So true....even in the cold months one can find beauty!

  10. A really great haibun .. Bastet

  11. Love such resilience... Like the bright cheek of a child playing in snow.

  12. Lovely! And how clever of you to do the exact number of words.