Sunday, October 12, 2014

We used to call it 'self portrait'

                                                                                       Self-Portrait by Vivian Maier
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag (here)

Selfie selfie selfie!
Sects sects sects!
sex sex sex!

Show and tell
Anything and everything are game

Everyone wants to have a say
Not enough to be heard
but also to be seen

It used to be 'have gun will travel'
Now it is the other way around

It is go 'travel and have a selfie'
Next minute splash it on FB
It is for the whole world to see!

We used to rightly call it 'self portrait'
Elegantly done with a reflect camera
Not even a modern day compact
With the flash gun at the ready
It was an 'ancient' selfie
Silently done but appreciated gratefully

No one cared and no one bothered
It was to be shown only
to family and friends
Taken with finesse
and proudly passed around

Why a selfie on FB?
One followed by another by the day
To show how one had aged gracefully?

Ok no talking of selfie!
Neither about 'sects' inviting controversy
Nor of sex best discussed privately

Care for a time-out?

For Tess' Magpie Tales #241


  1. Marilyn Manson had something to say along similar lines in "This Is The New Shit ", but i like your write better ! Cheers mate

    1. "This Is The New Shit"

      Everything has been said before
      There's nothing left to say anymore
      When it's all the same
      You can ask for it by name

      Had it checked out! That's the opening lines above. Seemed like some protest song of sorts with some hard-hitting lyrics. Thanks Kutamun


  2. I agree with the above comment/
    Good write all the same.

  3. i could take a time out because who knows what the next big thing is....ha

  4. I have certain friends who post at least one selfie per day. They should be arrested.

  5. Selfies are a scary trend. I don't like other people taking a picture of me - why would I take one of myself?

  6. Well said. What's up with us, and this selfie phenemon?

  7. Yeah all the selfie crap needs to go away, who cares, seen you once, don't need to see you 365 days a year lol

  8. I love the lines "It used to be 'have gun will travel'
    Now it is the other way around"

    So true! And let us not forget what you put online never goes away on the internet.

  9. haha

    I think we need one!

    Well done.


  10. Clever! I thoroughly enjoyed this...

  11. Ha ha! So much truth in this. Yes, can we take a time out from the cheap selfies, please?

  12. Oh yeah, sometimes we all need a time out! I really enjoyed this though!