Sunday, October 12, 2014

of a fat reduction endeavor

                                                                                      Attribution: Joseph Boomhower
Image: Gym Workout (here)

The given words:
brains gimmick hypnotizing liquor chickens flesh
lotion torture uniform machine tease trains

He was the brains behind the
gimmick of hypnotizing the liquor
store operator into making chicken
flesh into a thick lotion as a way
of a fat reduction endeavor

How the chubby and over-weight
freaks had been torturing themselves
through sophisticated weight reducing
machines but being frustrated in
their vain efforts to a uniform body-
builder figure

Just grease their bodies during gym
workouts to tease the fats to burn
the lust and crazed to a trim structure
This would be enough motivation
to push the market 
Not to talk of the manly 
and sweaty aroma of
chicken permeating when
they proudly present their he-man
muscle toned torsos for scrutiny
upon finishing training

Can be a great idea to complement
all the steroid based muscle enhancing
banned drugs that are flooding
the market which may bring early death

Successful business ventures had
been known to have beginnings
from crazy ideas!

Most likely though this chicken
lotion appears way too crazy and 
may not see the light of day!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl Wordle 
#182 and  Mary's at Poetry Pantry #222


  1. Good wordling, but a horrible idea: I find that kind of over-developed male body utterly revolting!

  2. oy i would not want to be injecting myself to get bigger...i have this fear of needles...and well, what is the we look like gods...and then, a muscle pops and we are handicapped for life...

  3. I think you can leave off that last verse and go far on the YUKKY factor. People will believe anything, slather themselves with dead bird raised for this purpse. In his book on Anger,Thích Nhất Hạnh says to avoid angry foods. Your poem is sad and very funny! Satire at its best.

  4. the things people think they need...

  5. Indeed there are so many different techniques to enhance one's body. I prefer natural rather than artificially enhanced. Smiles.

    1. P.S. to Hank. I visited from Poets United Poetry Pantry.

  6. I too prefer the natural way, none the less I enjoyed your poem.
    Good write.

  7. The things we put our trust in can seem ludicrous - maybe with hindsight!

  8. Ha. I hope you're not planning this endeavor Hank. I love the imagination you used in this.

  9. some people can go to any extent to become gods(!)...ugh.. a very enjoyable piece Hank :)

  10. hahaha and they don't shower that off after the gym, Hmm some dogs might think they are walking dog treats. Rofl. Glad you found humor in these words.

  11. I am smiling at the idea, yikes & no thanks ~ But I do agree on people getting crazy to get all muscles & toned up body for the viewing ~ But what a price to pay, ha ~

  12. it would be nice to have such a body to frighten the ghosts!

  13. Yoiks, I am already worried enough about the lives of chickens. Keep us posted. If this thing takes off, we may have to chain ourselves to the chicken warehouse doors!!!! Hee hee.

  14. The more disposable income we have the stupider we become. Meanwhile the rats, cats and bats are rubbing their paws (or whatever) with glee...and mosquitoes and ants and just about everything else.

  15. Good whirling, Hank. It is amazing what people will put up with to have muscles. I find it rather scary.


  16. Yeah, I just work out and that is that, no need for injections of any kind or any other tacky gimmicks

  17. Interesting take on these words...very cool.

  18. Thanks for the morning laugh. A great sketch, here.

  19. What a story! wonderful wordleing!