Thursday, October 30, 2014

Puddle on the Pavement

                                                                             Attribution: Roger McLassus
Image: An Oily Puddle (here)

Things we see or the things we miss seeing
What are those that hold our attention
Perhaps those that  personally affect our being
Or more precisely that we see more often

But there are those staring right in our face
Spied along the pathways at eye level
Still not readily ‘sighted’ and somewhat  displaced
Perhaps not stunningly pretty to be ogled

Only when a puddle is side-stepped on the pavement
Was it realized it being there as an obstacle to avoid
No one to do a Raleigh cape laying event
But reacted as a safety measure lest a slip occurred

An oily puddle can be fascinating to sketch
Needs finesse in separating the bubbly nature
An artist’s brush can depict easily a muddy patch
But not river streams or lake water features

Simple things in life
Have to be seen as a bother
To be realized
Or sorely missed as before

For Claudia's hosting at d'Verse MTB -  things we see


  1. We sometimes never see what is right in front of us unless we want it to get out of the way, always seems to be the way

  2. No puddles on the pavement today here, it is like a spring day.
    Great verse and a thought provoking one also.

  3. there is much in life that can be seen as a bother, unless we take the time to stop and actually look at it.....

  4. Like Brian says, all we have to do is take the time to stop and breathe...taking it all in and seeing the beauty all around us.

  5. Children seem to be better at marveling at the sight of a puddle. We have lost that innocence.

  6. poor time to stand and stare...nice lines Hank :)

  7. it takes trained eyes to see the little things around us...sad that we only realize some things when they bother us...

  8. This was a good read. That last stanza is so true.

  9. i love the patterns in life.. and of course creative people with extra dopamine naturally occurring in life can make a mud puddle or clouded day into a reality of beauty of intricate design of canvased painting....naturAlly observed as is....

    Ah to create is to co-create with all that is.. the way of life..
    and love.. and all the other emotions that emote...

    to live..:)

  10. You highlight one of the things I try to do when doing photography (which seems to be at almost any and every time of day and place)--to see the little things, the things often overlooked, to look for the beauty in the not-so-obvious places. The beauty and patterns are there. We just need to really see.


  11. So true, there are times when beauty has to be in one's face before it's appreciated. Well conceived poem, Hank.

  12. Really interesting writing, Hank. Indeed there is beauty in an oily puddle; and the beauty keeps changing as the sun reflects. Your poem points out the fact that there is beauty in the commonplace....if we only look closely.

  13. interesting...I liked the last lines so much....!!