Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Not owing anyone for a living

                                                                                            Attribution: Ruta Badina
Image: Steadfastly Straight and Confident (here)

3WW -  the given words: 
barren intense worry
Poetry Jam: 

Barren of ideas and intentions
Not wanting to appear deprived
Invoked an actor’s pretensions
To rightly appear to have arrived

Intense lobbying to gain acceptance
To impress but thick skinned to the core
Standing in line waiting for a response
Not one’s cup of tea to care nor bother

Since not owing anyone for a living
Not expecting handouts not a care
‘What Me Worry’magical of standing
One’s confidence is rightly laid bare

Who is there to make an issue
One’s own strength is a strong factor
Not anyone can knock one blue
Despite the fact one is a good actor

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW and
Sumana's at Poetry Jam -  magic


  1. Sometimes we have to act...maybe as a buffer...but it's a pity when pride comes before getting what you need...nicely (as you say) Hank!

  2. We don't owe anyone a living and life doesn't owe us one, either.

  3. I like the sarcastic tone of the poem with a great beginning...

  4. Sadly, many act so that others will think they "have arrived". The only result can be a society of people who feel entitled to that feeling...yet, no one "has arrived". We are all on a journey and must make it through this life on our own true efforts.

  5. If only we were less obsessed with what others think of us. We would certainly be more authentic.

  6. Don't owe anyone at all and we just have to do what is best for us.

  7. It sounds like it's all smoke and mirrors with the person described. Modern politicians, perhaps? Great write, Hank!

  8. they do say pride goeth before a fall though that nasty pride thing is hard to shed. Great one,Hank

  9. Quite perceptive and this makes you look in the mirror. Nicely done.

  10. I enjoyed this Hank. Lots of insightful observations in this. Good write.

  11. One dosen't owe anyone for living, but a bit of respect goes along way.
    Great verse the message.

  12. Not sure I understood any of it as I don't often 'get' poetry, but I like words so I enjoyed how you put them together :)

  13. there is def a wonderful feeling to not owing anyone...debt will weight you down and limit your choices in life....

  14. Too often we drain ourselves dry and leave no strength for ourselves...good reminder.

  15. The quest to look like we have arrived - that we've made it. But, in reality, life is a journey . . . not a destination. Nice write, Hank.

  16. You have described one of the emotions I am constantly struggling with. I keep telling myself that I don't owe 'them' anything... and still keep feeling the nagging guilt...

  17. Hank,
    I think there are many people from all walks of life, who could fit well into the thoughts in your poem. Selfish creatures grabbing all they can. One finds one's own path eventuall. More often hard, rather than magical...


  18. sarcasm is evident in this poem , a nice piece combining two prompts


  19. A think skin is the answer but few have it.

  20. Its sad when we need: Intense lobbying to gain acceptance ~ Have a good weekend Hank ~

  21. Yes, indeed. Expecting everything on a plate without moving a finger, hoping everything materialises as if by magic is the wrong way to ive our life.