Thursday, October 9, 2014

A library is sacred!

                                                                                    Attribution: Gottscho-Schleisner
Image: The Brooklyn Public Library (here)

The given words from:
Red Wolf Poems: stranger mud-streaked
library illuminations October
3WW: arrogant supple crude
Poets United: exploring

Stranger than fiction
A mud-streaked library?
Mistaken illuminations
Seems somewhat funny

Or users who are arrogant
Insisting to be allowed in
Crude way of wanting to learn
Not the usual thing

Cannot be true
Not in October anyway
There’s so much to do
In many different ways

A library is sacred
‘ Net exploring and surfing
Pleasing and quiet
Not just book lending

Through the years
Supple and alert
Young library members
Had benefited

There’s no saying
That libraries are abused
The smart and hardworking
Have put them to good use!

For Irene's hosting at Red Wolf Poems Wordle #28
Thomg's at 3WW #396 and Susan's at Poets United
Midweek motif


  1. kinda sad that we talk often about the need of the library and the potential to close some of them down here...

  2. For so many, that's is their only access to books.

  3. Indeed a library does have that kind of sacred feel to it when one is inside exploring. They are definitely put to good use.

    Visiting from Midweek Motif...smiles.

  4. A world to get lost in within their walls

  5. so many worlds to be discovered within the four walls...a library is sacred indeed...

  6. Your poem is a great reminder about the value of libraries--one of the few places still open and free to explore in. I dream of living in a library-ish labrynth--dreams with images not unlike those precious rooms in "The Name of The Rose"--but not medieval.

  7. I live in the place with the greatest public library in the country... (seriously). "Library is sacred indeed.." Libraries are awesome because it's one more place where readers and writers find each other. .. but, publishers and authors, get mad when we use the library. smiles~
    But, when libraries go away, that's one more axis of discovery gone....:(

  8. a library is a great place to be, sad to hear that so many are closing

  9. Great write about the value of knowledge-Libraries are sacred 'so true'

  10. now everything is online and libraries are going far far away:(

  11. Our library is very well-used, for certain and I hope there never is a day when they close their doors. Many of us still prefer the feeling of a book in our hands. Thanks for speaking up for them, Hank!

  12. Library's are great places although should be used well not kept silently sacred!

  13. Can you imagine a world without libraries? I was just there yesterday and was glad to see that life continues as does exploration. I hope our history books dont talk about what a library was...
    I like the spirit of advocacy that you put into your poem Hank.

  14. I was so lucky as a child as my mother worked in a library. That did not mean I was a bookworm merely an explorer with the whole world at my fingertips. I still ran free to play in the river or explore the woods. However by reading my imagination was my own and not someone elses which seems to be the case these days with computer games.

  15. I learned my love for books from visiting the library. I can't imagine life with out one.

  16. Library is still a sacred place to read for some people ~

  17. I spent many an hour at the library as a child, brought back some happy memories.
    Great write Hank and thanks.

  18. Our library is the center of much of the life around our town. Personally I've lived where there were no libraries ... what a hollow feeling. I went to the library the first time when I was 5 ... it's like a second home. Thanks for your great poem.

  19. Written like a true library aficionado!

  20. I am fortunate to have wonderful libraries close by. I fact, we have a poetry group that meets in one, ever month. Nice, Hank

  21. library is indeed a sacred place..nice one Hank

  22. It would be awful to not have a library. Thoughtful poem,Hank