Wednesday, October 8, 2014

threw a challenge in his mind

                                                                                          Attribution: Kenneth Allen
Image: Joggers on the Road  (here)

Feeling satiated having had his evening meal
There he was sitting pretty lounging on his chair
Contemplating life’s excesses affecting his zeal
To just rest and not stress himself silly in his lair

Had not noticed as he had done most evenings
The kitten pushing a rubber ball across the floor
But this time from the corner of his eyes seeing
It being chased and pushed that he missed before

Happenings revolve around him he mused quietly
Lots of fun if he had time to be rightly involved
Joggers outside passing along the road leisurely
If only he was young enough and had the resolve

Setting a target he told himself of his new plans
Being young at heart would be a good option
Fair to himself he threw a challenge in his mind
Emulating the joggers he should be in the open

For Marina's hosting at d'Verse Poetics:
in the corner of your eyes


  1. The second kitten to make an appearance for this prompt - charming little moment and example of the things that go unnoticed. I hope he's successful with his resolution!

  2. The challenges we make ourselves through distraction only to be cast aside.

  3. I like it. The resolutions we make that are triggered by one small thing.

  4. Oh, I can relate to this man. Right now I'm struggling with the intention of taking a walk, but I'm so comfortable here, sitting before my ipad. I hope he doesn't fabricate a bunch of excuses like I do.

  5. Have to get up and move to keep the body alive, otherwise just breaks down. All need that spark.

  6. sounds like he is making some good life be more aware...and to live young a how kittens...and babies can have such an affect on us...

  7. everyday life has so much to offer.

  8. There's a challenge everyday, hope they all get achieved.
    A good write Hank.

  9. There's a challenge everyday, hope they all get achieved.
    A good write Hank.

  10. Getting out and having a run is a great choice I think... :-)

  11. doing is something that keeps us young

  12. Ah.. the challenge of the first step of whatever sets us free is the challenge of the next and next and next..step TRUE!..:)

    Never in the military.. active per se.. but living it somewhat more vicariously as a civilian worker for the Navy.. here.. where i live...

    i come to a conclusion long ago..

    The secret to life's success...

    Is never leaving boot camp.. in whatever way one can.. with the abilities one has..

    Arthritis.. the common kind that comes with age in a body that will eventually degenerate given enough usage particularly in limited ways.. stops my running to stand still..

    but hell no..! not! dance.. and now even in martial arts Kicks! with body in balance and spinal column staying true.. in balance too....

    Yeah.. at 48 and assessed as permanently disabled both in legal and medical ways..

    telling me Fred you have no chance of recovery.. yes.. diagnosed with 19 medical disorders.. i looked within.. and start to dance.. at age 53..

    and eventually kick my way into amazing martial arts at 54!

    But it starts with one word of inspiration to me.. in writing Internet ways.. and eventually the written word is let it be written so let it be done..

    Yes!..does come true in real life ways.. as one step that starts in reverse.. is now an art of movement in everywhere i go....

    But it starts with belief.. in something much greater than 'they' said i can be..:)

    To visual the magicK and write it down..!to reflect on its visual to make it come true..:)2! i now Know now TRUE!

  13. Cool poem. Good to meet you at Alex's blog.

  14. I love making plans, Hank. Now all I need is some dough to make them all come true. ;)

  15. That is a great choice! I like that the kitten managed to bring some highlights to his day and get his attention, even if in a vague way...

  16. Why not have a good challenge and keep up with the joggers ~ Keep ourselves healthy this way too ~

  17. thats a cool and delightful one....!!