Thursday, October 30, 2014

Was he a victim of violence?

                                                                                                  Attribution;  Aleser
Image: Bare Feet of Adult (here)

The Prompts:
3WW  -  blood  lurk cripple  
Red Wolf Poems: To include “I won’t ever come back”
Poetry Jam  -  broken

Dried blood caked his tattered shirt
Barefooted lying on his back
He must have lain there a few hours
Still warm he couldn’t have died that long
Still in one piece and hardly disturbed

Lurking in the dark a coyote
waiting to abuse his remains
Most fortunate it was discovered early

A cursory assessment told investigators
This was not self-inflicted
The injuries were rained from the rear
It looked to be a homicide

Crippled in their thinking
The post-mortem they reasoned should  help

Upon rummaging through his pockets
They found a crumpled letter
It could hardly be read
But what was clear was the last line
It said, “I won’t ever come back”
If he was the writer
He got his wish!

Was this a suicide note or one
innocently written in anger

Was he a victim of violence being
at the wrong place at the wrong time?
A broken man with a broken heart

Or simply an unlucky victim!

Thomg's hosting at 3WW shared with
Irene's at Red Wolf Poems and
Mary's at Poetry Jam


  1. Intriguing. But I'm not sure I want to know!

  2. I really wish we could know the answer to this someday...

  3. Powerful and from the heart, this really opens up the heart and looks deep inside. Well done.

  4. he could have been either...guess the clues have to weigh out and we may never really know...but usually there are clues pointing one way or another...

  5. Dark and interesting, and just in time for Halloween. Well done.

  6. I like the scene you created, Hank, and all the mysteries. Whether the truth comes out or not, the outcome is painful.

  7. You have captured my attention, Hank. It looks like you have all of us curious.

  8. Lots of possibilities... I like that!

  9. Excellently written though not sure about the subject, Sad and mystifying all the same,

  10. It's a suspense novel condensed to poem form. Cool!

  11. Could go either way, the clues are the only thing leading to the answers at the end of the day

  12. Maybe he was a prophet and knew he wasn't coming back?

  13. Hank,

    So sad that there are instances such as this unexplained death, every day, in every country. I hope that somebody will miss him and mourn his passing.


  14. Beautiful poetic story really want to know who wrote that letter!

  15. How sad is this broken mysterious body. Though I am not sure it would be less sad if I knew all the details. LOL

  16. Could be either way ~ I like the mystery unfolding Hank ~

  17. A mystery! Perhaps it is both. Rather like those poor souls who run at police with their guns pointed, knowing they will be killed - Suicide by cop. Interesting story, though.

  18. a mystery of life as well as death ... what does that paper scrap mean?

  19. That line spoke loudest.

  20. Yes, intriguing. But of course he won't come back.

  21. An intriguing look of what could be an excellent story, Hank.

  22. A mystery, surely, but someone broken lurks in whatever the answer is. Good write!