Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The All-Important Announcement!

                                                           Attribution: Andrea Westmoreland
Image: A Pair of Egret
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #129 with the 12 words:
basket blinked chance clever flesh hand
nest ripe saw secret stars swept

This is a late response to the Sunday Whirl which is now 
submitted for the OpenLinkNight

The great Egret couple
Dancing hand in hand
Emerging through a misty morning
From a rain swept night of cold showers
That tugged at the raw flesh
Heavy rain that threatened the security
Accorded by its nest of twigs interlacing
Brilliantly woven in intricate fashion
In a clever way in mystical conjecture
To  welcome the next generation
of young egret chicks

In a basket of a fashionable home
Mother egret rubbed her eyes, blinked
By chance saw the reassuring presence
Of its head of the household
It was the ripe time she realized
to reveal the secret she harbored
alone for so long

With stars twinkling in her eyes
She declared proudly
Reliving that special moment
Of all mothers-to-be
‘I’m pregnant’

Written for Sunday Whirl Wordle #129 and shared with
Brian's hosting at d'Verse OpenLinkNight #117


  1. Sure a moment like that is special all around

  2. oo la...that is a life changing announcement.....i like how you used the words in this...like ripe time....also like the first image of them dancing too...

  3. aaawwww that made me smile.... and brought back some memories as well...smiles

  4. No regret then for the bird :-)
    Well done with those difficult words.

  5. Smiles, special announcement, I like ~

  6. Aww... the most special announcement of all!

  7. Loved reading the perspective of the egret, Hank. Even Egrets enjoy parenthood.

  8. Egret meets stork! Truly a momentous occasion.

    Hank, your use of the Wordle was not at all forced; in fact, I'd like it better if next time you don't italicize the words. Takes the flow out of it, you know? We trust you to use the words, babe!! This was a sweet peek into nature, the kind we never get to know... Loved it! Amy

    1. Thanks, yes! Will do so. No particular reason having them that way!


  9. Hank,

    I adored the picture these birds are magnificent. and what a beautiful announcement..building to their nest..

  10. Ah! What a wonderful creation. I loved the sensitivity of it and the ending is just perfect.

  11. You forgot her next words "...so stick around your work is not over yet!"

  12. Oh this a lovely image of new life.. A great response to a challenge

  13. Lovely…to see you enjoying words and poetry so much. And such a delightful one today!

  14. Oh, a happy little family. I love egrets and you've created a lovely poem for them.