Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hitting Hard on Punctuality

                                                                                       Image by Crilleb50
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag 

He failed once again
He did it once before
He was punished
He didn’t seem to learn
Now he is back here

The angels were efficient
The moment it happened
And ‘swish’ he was transported here
That split of a second!

But why did he do it
He was supposed to be on time
Now he’s here a second time
He has to do penance
He has to sit at the bench
The first time he had to sit for a day
For being one hour late
Now he has to sit for half a day
For being a half hour late

He has to be taught a lesson
He must learn to be punctual


  1. We all have lot to learn from this, punctuality is one virtue we all should have.

  2. yikes....ha....i think that bench might get pretty crowded with people that are late....
    i always try to be a bit early...

  3. Afraid I would be sitting right there beside him. I always get to work and the places that matter on time. But glorious are the days when I get to choose where and when I will arrive!

  4. Never late at my gate, so he can have my spot on the bench

  5. Ah late, must be running on a time that we don't. Well done!

  6. The often mentioned phrase in our daily detail " Punctuality is essential" still rings aloud in my head during those days.

  7. oh GOOD LORD punctual???? Really? poor guy.

  8. Oh my goodness, Hank, aren't you being a little too hard on the poor fellow. He looks so sad, as though he knows he is going to be punished.

  9. Was he swished back because he was late for his funeral?

  10. Oh Hank! I'm feeling sad for the hunched over (very contrite I believe) guy.

  11. haha

    Glad he's getting his just desserts.


  12. This is charming Hank, I know someone who is consistently and excessively late too hmmmm

  13. Ah purgatory, the poor bugger , i know that place !

  14. But lessons to be learned are so boring and where's the fun in that!

  15. I've reached an age where I don't do waiting much anymore. I certainly don't do queues. I enjoyed the poem.

  16. In the days of my youth I was seldom punctual - now: I am boringly so (well most of the time)...
    Anna :o]

  17. Punctuality has its advantages...