Thursday, October 24, 2013

Deprived of Decent Living

                                                                                   Drawing by Carl Nabel
Image:  Battle of Buena Vista
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

3WW with words:
Greasy Insidious Reveal

It’s a make believe world
Living in peril not wanting
But faces of despair in limbo
To reveal a scheme of things
Driven through a greasy tide
Of experience pulling through
A living more in tune with
Knowing of existing conflicts

Insidious in nature fronting as
Big business but hiding behind
Lawful outfits given to cheating
Whole communities of comforts
And shelter fundamental to
Survival with not a glimmer
Of hope than meeting basic
Needs of being and begging

Strong economies giant in nature
Swallowing minnows juxtaposed
Among many of equal stature
Basic in wanting to sustain
Some semblance of staying alive
But forced to put through a notion
That supporting a cause is better
Than desire to be alive and kicking

Written for ThomG's 3Word Wednesday shared with Mrsupole's Theme Thursday with prompt  - faces


  1. You well speak to currents today-


  2. Swallow everything and everyone up whole, not a lofty goal

  3. staying alive...and making a living....def two different things...there are def some things not worth giving up life for...while others, yes.

  4. progress sometimes isn't such a great step forward

  5. It's a world wide problem, and getting worse.

  6. Great verse Hank, the message coming over loud and clear.

  7. The evil mega-corporations (Monsanto comes to mind) give not one single f**k about the common person's plight. They own the politicians. Hence, the government also gives not one single f**k. We are living in the dystopian future written about in classic science fiction.

  8. I don't know what carries more weight 'decent' or 'living'..perhaps they cannot exist without each other..survival and keeping going will last longer than any corporations..i hope..