Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blessings from Heavens

                                                                                 Attribution: Mike
Image: Floating Lotus Shaped Chinese Lanterns
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Endearing spirits
Of loved ones basking in lights
Of blissful Heavens

Returning  visits
To those living, with blessings
For goodness in life

Lighted lanterns show
path back to Heaven’s gates
to return later

Privileged few who
remember their ancestors
can expect visits

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #323 with prompt -  threnody shared with
d'Verse's with Bjorn's hosting at OpenLinkNights week #118


  1. Keep them in mind and one day I'll find? Follow the lights

  2. A beautiful set... You have well captured the essence of the festival. :-)

  3. Expecting visits must be a thrilling experience.

    Haiku Threnody

  4. those who remember their ancestors...
    sad that we dont have a great touch with our own history...

  5. I would dearly love a visit from my long dead father!

  6. I love the idea of being visited by a deceased loved person. Beautifully expressed, Hank.

  7. remembering our ancestors is a good thing... hubs once tried to find a bit out about his family but it's very difficult after a while if no one wrote it down...sad

  8. Hank, love your use of haiku as stanzas here -the poem has a Japanese cultural feel to it as well but one that works as a universal. Beautiful imagery, and deep messages. Excellent!

  9. The haiku stand well by themselves - still togetherness as stanzas - really think you did well on this

  10. What a tribute to ancestors. because of our ancestors we are here today. In India too we have some special days of the years dedicated to the memories of our anscetors. These special days are called " Shradh". Usually celebrated in the month of September or October. Recently these days were celebrated in September.The days end with a grand feast and donation of food/ money/ clothes to a " Brahmin" (holy men, who prays for the well being of the family and their ancestors in heaven.)

  11. This is simply beautiful Hank.


  12. I love this, Hank. It's great!

  13. Wonderful series of haiku Hank, reads as a short story .... thank you

  14. I receive visits in the form of warm memories....

  15. BEautiful Hank. Sometimes I am blessed with visits of beloved ancestors in my dreams. I wake up feeling comforted.

  16. if you forget your ancestors, then they'll forget you...

  17. A beautiful set.. really the stanza haiku you do so well Hank.