Sunday, June 13, 2021

swirled around devoid of blame

                                                                                              Author: Carrie's
Image:  Talented Hands with
Beautiful Creations  (here)

sincerity an elusive element 
swirled around devoid of blame
in the quest of beautiful creations  
rollicking akin to playing games
exhibiting an array of creative forms 
takes efforts to stake a claim

other times easy to come by
relationships extending for life
stimulant to good-natured highs
not given to having to strive

outwardly small in significance
stellar makeup, jubilant in feelings
extending help beyond expectations
good friends count as rare beings

Carrie's at The  Sunday Muse #164


  1. Creating, crafting, spinning relationships into substance, letting the mind wander as the wheel turns.

  2. A fitting turn of thoughts and truths for the image Hank. That last line is so true!

  3. I am hoping that sincerity is not truly elusive .. if so, what a shame and a loss.

  4. “takes efforts to stake a claim”. Yes Hank, snd courage — strong write my friend. 👍

  5. Hank, yes art is like that, writing poems is also. Some days things just come to a winner, other days it is like forced labor. I like your ending, so truthful at times, "beyond expectations good friends count as rare beings."

  6. Hank you're right about friends. They are appreciated and best when not too much is expected of them. I'm not sure friends were ever meant to be forever either, but enjoy them while they are there.

  7. Indeed, true friends are rare and precious.

  8. This fizzed and sparked; the true connection really vivifies.

  9. Oh life, we have our hands in creating our direction on the wheel with all its almost perfect and remaking.

  10. Food for the soul, this poem is.