Tuesday, June 8, 2021

if need be to even risk going into the deep

                                                                                   Author: Francesco Ungaro
Image: Risking the Deep 
for Solutions (here)

ironically the space extended is suffocating
why must freedom to move be curtailed
the surge to create space is most appealing
if reasons delimiting will not make it fail

if need be to even risk going into the deep
in search of wonders not known to man
find the staircase even to delve in while asleep
afflictions are solved guided through Providence

repent and not to provoke a reaction
good feelings are not subject to sanctions
under no pretext but on proper reflection
good intentions should not be abandoned 

Tricia at d'Verse : Poetics - take a risk
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  1. Poetry and image work beautifully together! (I won't be risking those stairs down into the deep.)

  2. Beautifully written, Hank!

  3. "afflictions are solved guided through Providence"

  4. Good intentions, may the never be abandoned or stairwells. Support is sometimes there and yet we choose to flail. Why is that? Thoughtful piece.

  5. 'good feelings are not subject to sanctions' - I agree! I love the way you've wrapped this up with words of true wisdom, Hank.

  6. Great verse Hank, I'm remaining in the shallow end at present.
    Hope you;re well.


  7. When we go deep we don't always know what we will find...

  8. I like this line--good feelings are not subject to sanctions--I've met so many people who have felt bad for the things they enjoyed.

  9. Hank,
    The second stanza really stood out for me, spoke in a way that resonates with my belief that, as Shakespeare said, "there is a divinity that shapes our ends," and I think that our creative efforts put us in touch with that deep core, when we risk it.

  10. I think we mostly go right, if we keep to good intentions.

  11. This is gorgeously rendered, Hank!💝💝