Thursday, June 24, 2021

He is still at a loss

                                      Author: SMasters
Image:  The Mangosteen (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
box pang heavy moved held share 
blooms trail forget writing could

He is still at a loss
Nothing in the lunch-box
but pangs of hunger brought him back

Something's on the kitchen table
She had the good sense
of putting some grub there
His guilt feelings seemed too heavy
He should not emulate the mangosteen
The outer skin is hard
He has to give way much
She was moved he thought 
It all seemed too easy to hurt her

He held designs 
to share a lot with her
He held promise of things easy
Blooms all the way along the trail
Forget minor inconveniences, he thought
The writing was on the wall
He could have seen it
He should!

She had said ‘no’
Why did she change her mind?

He has learned that much
about her to know her
He had known her that long
He had known her all his life!

She had gone through so much herself
He had not been that easy a guy to please

She’ll give in again this time
It had worked even 
during the turbulent teen years
After all, Mom knows best!

MMT's The Whirligig #324
Bjorn at d'Verse OLN #295


  1. Hopefully she does. But she has her own mind too.

    Have a good summer Hank!

  2. More fun than magnetic poetry on the fridge. The mangosteen kind of scares me. I had to look it up.

  3. I too had to look up mangosteen. I learned something new. Perhaps, she had her reasons.

  4. Yes she always knows best! I like this a lot. I'm also in search of a Mangosteen know ☺️

  5. The psychology of a lifetime of devotion skilfully rendered here Hank.

  6. A sensitive poem of a mother-son relationship. I like how you acknowledge 'She had gone through so much herself,' It's easy to blame our parents for all of our problems, but of course they had parents too!

  7. Very evocative. Mom does really know best, mine likes to remind me that lol.

  8. Your poem perfectly illustrates that when two humans are involved it's complicated. If only things could be clear even every once in awhile...

  9. I love the poignancy with which this poem is penned. Beautiful!

  10. Once you have no mother any longer you realize how much she had to offer.