Friday, July 1, 2016

Only moments before very much like us

                                                                                                      Attribution: Ggia
Image: Syrian and Iraqi Refugees arriving in
Greece not too long ago (here)

They used to walk alone trudging slowly
Eyes on the asphalt not gazing yonder
With no designated directions aimlessly
A forked road ahead was not a bother

At other times gathered together in the shadows
Self-conscious not overly friendly among friends
Helplessly quiet like a sheep in the meadows
Around them their worldly possessions

These days their numbers turned bigger
Displaced from their homes, harassed
Family members in tow across borders
Some drowned when their boats capsized

Only moments before very much like us
Caught in the cross-fire of human conflicts
Such misfortune a tragedy of the luckless
The growing numbers of society's weeds

For Rommy's at Real Toad's  -  weeds in the garden


  1. It's so sad when humans uprooted are seen as weeds..

  2. Very poignant Hank, well done on getting the message across.

  3. You've used the prompt to create a striking and damning metaphor about the lack of concern for the suffering of others. This one is going to stick with me.

  4. You provide a much needed viewpoint of this social crisis.

  5. That is what many see them as, sadly.

  6. A very sad existence.
    Look at all those people on the boat...

  7. You've told their plight well, Hank. Thank you also for the picture. These mostly all have life boats, guess that is part of the service.
    This will be happening more and more as our population grows and grows and people get meaner and meaner. Our kids and grandkids and nieces and nephews will see, I hope not experience, a lot more that we are now.
    It's scary.

  8. I'm with Bjorn, when society starts seeing people as weeds... something breaks in Nature's heart... in everything.