Sunday, July 3, 2016

Envy ran wildly through his system

                                                                         Attribution: Jonathan Billinger
Image: Succulent Tomatoes on the Vines (here)

the 12 given words:
through plants ground order right 
stalk lady cross lick only end ride

Envy ran wildly through his system
Felt the despair turned in his belly
When he spied the green luscious plants
All in a row in the ground in orderly
fashion but sadly 'on the other side'
where the grass was greener literally
What did he do wrong that they did right
It was akin to stalking a beautiful lady

Surreptitiously on the sly following
Not knowing how she would react
When the moment came upon discovering
that there was an admirer following her tracks

It crossed his mind on how to lick the malady
If only he knew how as he kept eyeing the wonders
of succulent tomatoes, cabbages and red chillies
to no end. It was a long ride to getting green fingers

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #255 and
Kerry's The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. That ordeal of being a gardener... maybe you are just born with it, or maybe it's about hard work.

  2. My garden won't grow, then again, such things I run from at my show. haha

  3. Ha ha, nice surprise ending. I have never managed to turn my fingers green either.

  4. This is a clever analogy, Hank.

  5. This is delicious, I envy the way you've woven together the words into a garden of wonders. I too have a brown thumb! Alas, maybe gardening is a sort of magic of which we writers lack? It seems we can instead tend them with our pens. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  6. My husband was a keen gardener, wonderfully written Hank.

  7. LOL, my neighbor has just the right amount of sun on his property and I often admire how well kept his garden is.

  8. Nice one Hank; in keeping with the theme and prompts :)

  9. I like this one, Hank. A new twists on the thoughts of a gardener. I have a few 'garden poems', here is my favorite: