Sunday, July 31, 2016

trained his sights on those wanting a return to glory

                                                                                        Attribution: Potro
Image: Trump Hotel and Tower, Chicago [here]

the 12 given words:
thrust twist unfettered run train  family 
check page sing grill finish flower

thrust into the limelight by a twist of fate
unfettered freedom to talk an advantage of late

had designs of being the country’s chief executive
never given a chance initially to run for the top office

trained his sights on those wanting a return to glory
to make it back to be a great country

family values given a check found a few worried
of ‘undesired’ elements on issues of illegality or creed

took a page off on such a concern promising to build a wall
public opinion was divided if such measures could forestall

still he managed to ‘sing’ praises of how fired
up others were for the nomination that he so desired

grilled on his outlandish ideas but to him not a bother
could just finish with the coveted ‘flower’ come November

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl # 259 and
Kerry's at Real Toad's The Tuesday Platform


  1. You manage to work the words in so seamlessly and always with a take that I had not considered!


  2. The inclusion of the given words were expertly done making this a wonderful read. Well done Hank.

  3. If that tower fell on his head, not a tear we'd shed lol

  4. Half the rest of the world are aghast at the prospect and the other half now doubt relishing the idea that this could be disaster for the US. Let's hope American voters think the matter through wisely.

  5. The last couple of lines made me shiver. I'm adding my hopes to Old Egg's.

  6. That's probably the nicest thing anyone has said about him this year...

  7. Excellently penned. (She said, shuddering.)

  8. Let us hope not. I think many in the world shudders to imagine such an outcome.

  9. Hope not! But you outline a possibility. Really hope it's not possible though. K.

  10. Old Egg has read it right, nice poem, Hank. If this man could have only shaped himself up, he had the election in his hand. Instead a very undesirable side had come out, he even tells that stupidly. Perhaps the 'wall' the HE will build might fall on him.

  11. i am afraid of what a return to our glory might bring,
    sounds a whole lot like living for ourselves and isolationism touted as nationalism. i can not even fathom a world in which he is given such power.

  12. I want to add my buffer to Robin's words hope the American voters really thing thinks through and vote wisely

    Much love...

  13. A great poem about someone I can't vote for...

  14. very close to what desired to write.
    the imagery is cool.