Friday, July 22, 2016

It opened up a whole new world

                                                                          Author: Snowyowls at Chinese Wikipedia
Image: A Loving Couple (here)
Hunger at its most blatant
There was enough to eat
There was companionship
There was the family
There were friends
But they were not the same
Hunger was to blame

Emotional hunger to be delicately satiated
Hunger to hold hands
For a belief thought justified
To cuddle and to share sacred moments
For better or for worse

 To tread in but gracefully by and large
It opened up a whole new world
There were kinks and hiccups
Yes, but they didn't matter much

The biggest change in Hank's life
Blissful for the past 45 years
Thank you my dearest!

For Gayle's at d 'Verse 5th Year Celebration
Part 5; Revisiting Anthony Desmond


  1. Sounds like live wrecked your world in a good thing wrong with that...

  2. Gayle Walters RoseJuly 22, 2016 at 2:49 PM

    You're so fortunate that you found a good someone who has made a great partner in your life, Hank. Thanks for sharing...and may you have many more loving years ahead of you.

  3. And you are so lucky Hank to have found your life and love partner.

    Thanks for joining us and have a good weekend!

  4. I love this: " Hunger was to blame ... Hunger to hold hands"

  5. So great to have found a companion.. Yes that hunger is what drives us.

  6. Emotional hunger to be delicately satiated.. this is so true.. in times like these trust and companionship is all too rare.

  7. this is a sweet ending here Hank...lovely...

  8. "Emotional Hunger" I can relate to that, oh what I'd give for a hug.
    This poem although written by you I too could have written it but not in the delicate way you wrote it. Thank you Hank.

  9. Finding the perfect one is grand indeed. Here's to many more years

  10. Well.. Hank.. this is great to hear
    that you've been Happily married
    for 45 years.. and i must say
    that my precious and always
    Loving wife IS A mainstay
    of my happiness for
    26 years too..
    and i must say.. too..
    i'Ve visited tens of thousands
    of poems in the last 3 years..
    and commented on almost
    all of them.. and about
    90% or so of the poets
    are not very happy
    to severely depressed
    but i like visiting all those
    places as there was once a time
    that i grew ill and my doctor assessed
    me as the least happiest person he ever
    came across and that was an Air Force
    Psychiatrist but sure.. Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia from wake to sleep.. the
    worst pain known to humankind
    will do that to a human
    being.. like a dentist
    drill with no
    pain killer
    in my eye and
    ear.. as you've
    probably heard
    me mention before
    with 19 other medical
    disorders miraculously
    cured 3 years ago..
    almost to date
    today.. a REAL
    GOD.. anyWay..
    the darkness i find
    in poetry land online
    reminds me of where i've
    been and just makes me appreciate
    a real heaven now away from Hell..
    and i appreciate the fAct that God
    showed me both hell and heaven..
    as perspective
    is priceless
    ever before..
    other than that
    hope you are enjoying
    your Summer and i'm guessing
    if you are not already retired
    close to that too..
    my friEnd..
    in giving ways too..:)

  11. So so so happy for you Hank!!

  12. And you found the perfect one, just meant for you. How wonderful is that?

  13. Love is a wonderful thing. I am happy for you too Hank.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]