Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Japanese Garden

                                                                                            Attribution: Fg2

Greenery in Spring
Water soothing to the eye
Nature at its best

Image: A Japanese Garden
Emphasizing a water feature typically with a bridge or even waterfalls at
other times (here)

                                                                                                                              Attribution: Fg2

Stones bushes and space
Ideal physical balance 
Paradise's yearnings

Image: A Japanese Rock Garden
Emphasizing natural rocks with small bushes. The ground is covered in
gravel that is raked into various patterns.(here)

For MLMM heeding haiku with Chev's  - a japanese garden


  1. That's the most impressive rock garden I have ever seen. Little slice of paradise indeed.

  2. Now that's what a call a rockery. Wonderful Hank.

  3. That would sure be nice to have in ones backyard

  4. Two beautifully composed haiku Hank. I can feel the serenity of the Japanese Garden.