Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer rains longed for - a Haibun

                                                                                        Author: Michael Graham
Image: Langden Brook The recent
summer rains have eroded its bank.(here)

Whining alone behind closed doors. Sitting rather restless 
he felt a let-down by the angry weather. A Summer sun 
imposing its will and hottest it seemed in recent memory. 
Curses would only worsen the impact he knew this for a 
fact. Past experience pointed to some semblance of truth. 
Better option was to go along and endure so the hurt would 
make itself bearable. A twisted smile dampened the sun's 
face a little but just a tad from its brightness. Earthlings 
might rant and jump but to the sun it was the least of its 
worry. Instead it unleashed its might.Even so not at its 
worst but the absence of tact and sympathy were apparent. 
Solace in the shadows or perhaps to down a few glasses 
of refreshing cool ice lemon tea would make it less life 
threatening. Summer rains longed for unquestionably

Yearning Summer's wet
Blue skies fiercely unfriendly
Chirping's out of tune

For Toni's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday #17


  1. Yes, in this heat, even birds songs sound out of tune. And yes, we do yearn for cool and rain in the summer heat. Love the haiku at the end.

  2. well put Hank....after the merciless heat comes the monsoon here, now we're enjoying the bliss of rains...

  3. Amazing photographic evidence of the sun's drying wrath! I like the shift to the sun's voice in part of this....her twisted smile.

  4. The sun is exhibiting its might here all right.

  5. SuN.. Giver oF liFe..
    Earth BRinGeR
    of HomE...
    of LiFe
    oh.. so DArk..
    so drY.. so wEt..
    so cOld and hoT..
    of Love GrowS
    on in BaLAnCinG
    LiGht ways BriGht
    Act sAMe aS planEts
    rEVolve aRouNd SuN
    oR fALL oFF
    as dUSt
    iN LiFe..

    STar dUst
    We comE
    Star dUSt
    wE JoY
    or desPair..
    StAR dusT wE
    Go aNd coMe
    bacK aGaiN..
    iN A gRand CirclE WheeL
    oF All ThAt iS noW aka GOD2..:)

  6. Sad when blue skies are unfriendly but the dog days just seem to go on and on until we long for that black cloud bringing summer's wet. beautiful!

  7. I like a lovely summer's day but when the heat is overbearing well that's a different story altogether.
    Wonderful write Hank.

  8. Yep, sure going to make you sweat, that is a safe bet

  9. After the sun's might, the rains are a welcome change Hank!!

  10. Gayle Walters RoseJuly 26, 2016 at 6:06 PM

    Our summer has been unseasonably dry and when it has rained it's been short and the sun comes out searing hot only now with added humidity. No, curses don't help! :)