Wednesday, July 20, 2016

held in high esteem

                                                                                         Attribution: Jonn Leffmann
Image: Tending to the Bar (here)

the 12 given words:
antlers evil evasive residual struggle dahlia transfuse  pluck
methuselah (a patriarch an extremely old man; a very large wine bottle holding 6 liters.
presentiment (a feeling that something evil is about to happen; foreboding.)
fourth rule (there’s an exception to every rule.)
barkeep (a person who owns or manages a bar)

held in high esteem unwavering by nature
with pretensions of a highly informed person
barely a struggle to maintain this stature
guardedly careful when transfusing information 

antlers held up high with no measure of evil
avoiding presentiments so as not to cause alarm
even in the course of shaking a methuselah bottle
such was the dignity, tact and prestige in a person

he could appear unwittingly evasive 
residual fault in an unguarded moment
Likened it to plucking a dahlia pensive
fourth rule treading daintily in all innocence

Such were the hazardous challenges of a barkeep

MLMM's Wordle #118
with the given words


  1. Bar keeps can have it rough sometimes. Have to remain calm with all the drunks, ugg

  2. One can only imagine all that a bartender hears in a night.

  3. A bartender must be told many things , the secret is to keep them to his self. Great verse Hank.

  4. I love the character description I am especially taken with the 3rd stanza!


  5. You remind me of when my parents were in the restaurant business...
    All those secrets a bar keep - keeps. Too many late nights away from young children to pay the bills. And then to have to sleep during the day. A very good capture in verse ;)

    Cheers, Jules