Friday, July 29, 2016

So much in so little space

Image: So much in so little space (fair use)

A classic example discerned from the writings
Opening with an assurance of being 'safe and sound'
Wishing the same for the recipients' well-being

Felt guilty of shortcomings of postcard writing
Being too brief promising to write a 'real' letter later
Fulfilling the idea then of just an initial alerting

Wishing well to everyone with 'lots of love'
Ending still apologetic with justification of being 'in haste'
Somewhat akin to a present day twitter message

It all goes to show that postcard writing
is an art by itself and demands prior thinking            

For Kerry's at Real Toad's
-  send a postcard 
Grace's at d'Verse's OLN # 176


  1. Postcard and letter writing are lost art today Hank~ But I treasure my mother's beautiful letters with her distinct handwriting ~

  2. Interesting and unIque perception and one that lead me down a different path today :)

  3. Would still be nice to get real postcards and letters.. miss those days..

  4. Yes, indeed, Hank. there is an art to the postcard and the poem.

  5. My husband still sends postcards when he is traveling without me. And he doesn't have a Twitter account. :) Loved your poem.

  6. I miss the days of written communication, the joy of receiving letters - communication then was not as utilitarian as in these times. I enjoyed this, Hank.

  7. I can't remember when I received a postcard last, many moons ago I think.
    I do so miss the wonderful plop as a letter was pushed through the letterbox, landing on the carpet just waiting to be opened...
    That said, through the 'net I have wonderful email friends, people I would have never met in the 'real world'. And I like that.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  8. Living on the South Coast postcards are very evident.
    It is indeed an art trying to remember all you want to say but little room to say it.

  9. Very few are done these days. It's an art indeed.

  10. I think it is poignant that it comes from the American Expeditionary Forces, suggesting that there was urgent need to inform his loved ones he was still safe – so far.

  11. I think the forced brevity of a postcard can force is to consider what is really important. know. They can tell a wonderful story as well.

  12. The postcard! The progenitor of the tweet! Make it short and sweet, just as you've done here, Hank!

  13. So true, Hank! Have a splendid week.

  14. I agree. First form of the tweet, which I do not do but I do still send letters and notes and post cards. Excellent!

  15. Late to read -- in time to enjoy! Ah....a great way of thinking about a postcard! The precursor of the tweet :) Limited space -- think before we write.
    I think I like the postcard media better :)