Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Going through life's mysteries - a Quadrille

                                                                       Attribution: Joaquim Alves Gaspar
                                                                                Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic
Image: An Journey not Planned (here)

Going through life's mysteries
A journey of sorts
Extending the reach
Wanting to clear a burden
But it has got a strangle hold
Holding back the smoothness of progress

Favor me an answer
Why is it necessary to stifle growth?
Not being fair!

(44 words)

For Grace's at d'Verse Part 1,
Catching Up with Brian Miller
-  5th anniversary celebration
to write a Quadrille and to
include the word  -  journey


  1. Ah, good question - why stifle creativity and growth and improvement? While allowing rampant backward-looking propaganda to flourish? But I'm being dramatic, while your poem is much cooler and calmer. With the exception of the final line.

  2. "Favor me an answer." Like this line very much. The use of the word "favor" here adds much.

  3. Oh I do think growth shall not be stifles unless if it's being done by climbing on the shoulders of others... This is one of favorite of yours Hank...

  4. Growth wants to come due, as creative ways push it through

  5. Let it grow, let it come rushing forth. That's the wonder and mystery of journey.

    Thanks for joining us Hank !!!

  6. A good subject Hank. Life is full of mysteries some good , others not so good but I like to think the good out weigh the bad.

  7. Greed, selfishness, desensitization...I believe they can be the culprits. I like this thought provoking poem which I think could relate to one individual's struggle to grow as well as society as a whole.

  8. I like the thought-provoking take on the prompt. Favor me an answer is a beautiful verse, by the way.

  9. perhaps the wisdom gained in struggling with the mysteries is the reward...and the progress...i guess it all depends on how we measure progress...

    how are you hank?

  10. Sometimes you have to fight for that growth and that answer.

  11. Such instances can seem mysterious indeed!

  12. I think this is one of your best. And unfortunately, life is not fair. It does beg the question of why? For a million different reasons. I like the tone of this, the calm questioning with the stone underneath the words.

  13. Life's journey certainly does have its unfair burdens to bear which seem to slow our progress but perhaps in the end can make us stronger!

  14. Hank - this is one of my favorites - life mysteries will always leave us wondering...who knows why the road is bumpy for some and not others. I was taught if you fall down, pick yourself back-up, it's called survival.

  15. Gayle Walters RoseJuly 22, 2016 at 9:34 PM

    Life is mysterious and unfair in many ways...it's all in how we perceive it. Will it take us down or lift us up?