Wednesday, July 15, 2015

still a dream unfulfilled

                                                                                   Artist: Lucas Cranach the Elder
Image: The Fountain of Youth (here)
The oldies above came in droves to be stripped naked
(mandatory) to frolic in the Fountain of Youth and to
emerge later a youthful specimen radiant and fresh.
How nice!

APED given words:
bones stone lack day fountain,
paper dream fly girls trauma

3WW given words:
lonely boring dark

make no bones about it
lively anticipation unlike lonely
and boring nights

the quest of many through the ages
to the Far East and to the New World
where many even lost their lives
stoned into cravings for eternal youth
the elixir of life

no lack of efforts nor
days and wealth sacrificed
to pursue for the restorative fountain
the fountain of youth

if only the clock could
be rewound a few long years back
to the reverse of  Back to the Future
the very essence of the hope on paper
might not be insurmountable
but the reality of failed ventures
still a dream unfulfilled

but were we done?
no not just yet
no more territorial incursions
but now more to be hoodwinked
by the unscrupulous on the gullible
with anti-aging pills and processes
peddled by fly-by-night elements

the pseudo plastic surgeons
who profess to be experts
putting at risk young girls
or middle-aged hopefuls
under the surgeon's knives
with alarming dark effects

It ended with a trauma 
of hideous and grotesque results
to face and limbs
still a dream unfulfilled

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW week #436 and
Vinay's at APED's Prompt 45 Mid-week Wordle #7


  1. We have an almost unreasonable desire to live a bit more, to be who were not and somehow think that this might still be possible. Yes, we are living longer now but that is still not enough. Deep down if we desire change it is because we missed our chance, made mistakes or didn't think age would ever affect us. There is no reason why that we cannot be fulfilled beautiful people whatever age we are but we can never be what we are not.

    1. Deep down if we desire change it is
      because we missed our chance

      How true it is oldegg! Often times one reflects if only time permits there are a lot of unaccomplished desires to be fulfilled. Well supposedly one just make do with what is at hand and what is possible to be achieved in the limited time possible!


  2. Most enlightening verse, when we get to a certain age these desire come to the fore.
    You used the given words excellenty Hank.

  3. Always some desire that seems to push many on. And many fall for the plastic surgery con

  4. We are a society that seems to thrive on filling bottomless pits. We want what means nothing...but we waste what time we have on vanity.

  5. i dunno why we seem to be so afraid of age and it's ridiculous what people are willing to pay for doubtful results

  6. I love the bracketed (mandatory) frolic in the fountain of made me smile and think that ageing and hopefully becoming older and wiser is a gift not something to be corrected

  7. Reminds me of magic and a world of mystery.
    How people seek the fountain of youth...

  8. Hideous and grotesque results aside, it makes perfect sense to me why people have been dreaming about the fountain of youth. It's made sense to me ever since I turned eight and I realized I wouldn't be here forever. Just don't tell anyone, okay? They might think I'm blue for a reason.

  9. Ah the quest of external youth is a path full of stumbling blocks........

  10. People who age gracefully have a distinct aura about them... That image of salt and pepper hair with moving limbs and eyesight enough to read a book is how I see old age...

  11. living longer we must accept and age gracefully every line every wrinkle a testimony to our life.