Wednesday, July 29, 2015

better equipped to meet all expectations

                                                                                                  Attribution: Scott Ray
Image: Woman high-jumper (here)

APED given words:
flurry hidden childhood day deep,
hid baby embrace forever once

3WW given words:
reflect tedious waste

The flurry of activities hidden in memory
Of childhood antics and of day's happenings
Even though deep within hid the pranks' infamy
But it was where life's lessons had their beginnings

To reflect back was not a tedious homecoming
Neither a waste of  precious energy expended
But rather baby steps had their true mutterings
To embrace forever skills that mattered

Once given exposure to challenge the umbrage
Acceptance was crucial to meet all expectations
Discipline was no match to offend the tutelage
To face the uncharted world in adulthood fashion

For Vinay's APED Midweek Prompt #59 Wordle #9
Thomg's 3WW week #438 and
Susan's PU's Midweek Motif with - acceptance


  1. ""But it was where life's lessons had their beginnings"..." the exact point of life to go ahead with acquiring new knowledge....

  2. Discipline was no match to offend the tutelage
    To face the uncharted world in adulthood fashion

    Such powerful lines! Beautifully executed :D

  3. A thought-provoking poem! Very well-penned :)

  4. I like "it was where life's lessons had their beginnings".

  5. Growing and maturing comes not without its crop of challenges and responses

    Have a good Wednesday

    Much love...

  6. Meeting expectations isn't always easy! But discipline helps indeed.

  7. Both challenging and intriguing, as per the usual. Well done.

  8. Discipline sure is one key in getting to where we want to be

  9. true perhaps that we have to look back and accept what was - and if we are brave enough learn and move forward - which i am sure you are!

  10. Great use of the prompts. The message is very clear.

  11. This is beautifully reflective Hank. I love the image you present - a hurdle. Life is a hurdle to be sure.

  12. The right discipline can make all the difference

  13. It sure does take discipline to succeed at anything. I like the process you depict here.

  14. Just forge on ahead and meet the challenge ~

  15. Kaykuala,

    Absolute participation in a sport or activity, requires a total focus. It can be draining at times, but the acceptance of the effort required, sits alongside the discipline...

  16. The transition from being a kid into adulthood is not an easy one. Try as we might to prepare them. But there are things that teach them discipline which is a huge skill needed.

  17. Growing up always comes with growing pains ^_^

  18. 'Acceptance was crucial to meet all expectations' a nice and powerful line, beautifully written