Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A leaf off the stuntman's book

                                                                                            Attribution: Luc Viatour
 Image: Pyrotechnics Stunt exhibition (here)

APED given words:
leaf light fire stranger innocent 
wilt trust write simple

A leaf off the stuntman's book
In a frenzy of light and fire
No more a stranger to such risks
To engulf his bodily self

Any innocent soul would wilt
Even just by looking
At fiery bursts of conflagration
Given the tremendous pressure
To a vulnerable human torch

But every stuntman had a Plan B
For full trust on others was a luxury
In the event of a botched encounter
He would not be the one to suffer

To just write off the fear
Was not that simple
Elements of caution
Should always prevail

For Vinay's APED Prompt 52 Midweek Wordle


  1. Caution is good to have indeed, as the stuntmen know how to do their jobs.

  2. Excellent verse on a most unusual topic, My those stuntmen really earn their pay.

  3. No matter how well planned, anything can go wrong.