Monday, July 6, 2015

A perennial problem of flotsam in the mind

                                                                             Attribution: Graham Horn
Image:  This log shows how big some of the
flotsam left by the receding tide (here)

MLMM's 10 of 12 given words:
problem flotsam accumulate dump sapling scuttle wince
caitiff (base, despicable person)
rictus (gaping grin or grimace or opening of the mouth)
pithy (brief, forceful, full of vigor,terse)

Prompt Each Day given word:

A perennial problem of flotsam in the mind
Forever intruding and accumulating fodder
a caitiff personage upon a rictus of their being
not innocent enough but to spew
lots of hot air

Happy to dump big logs not just sapling
driftwood of various shapes and sizes
to scuttle fresh ideas without a wince
to their conscience

Such are the antics of certain elements in a meeting
who with spectacular pithy cast a wet blanket over
brilliant ideas with such eloquence to win
over the fence-sitters

Who for reasons best known to them
Happy to remain tight lipped not giving
the group the benefit of their wisdom

For Georgia's hosting at MLMM with Wordle #68 and
Vinay's A Prompt Each Day Prompt #36 - innocent


  1. Brilliant and intellectual write, it gives one much to think about and that is what great poetry should do


  2. Nothing like squelching growth and ideas.

  3. Very thoroughly framed poem. A nice take on the prompt.

  4. So many of those who like to keep the status quo

  5. Wonderful to read and so interesting Hank.

  6. Stomping on dreams so many like to do