Friday, October 26, 2012


                                                          Adam Jones, Ph.D./Wikimedia Commons
Image: Cambodian Child Outside Angkor Wat
Image sourced through Wikimedia Commons  (here)
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A fleeting moment
Seemed like only yesterday
Apple of the eye

Cute and cuddly, given
to smothered kisses and hugs
Radiant and playful

Of infants and youth
Must it all end suddenly
Childhood wrested off!

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #27 with prompt -childhood-


  1. Excellent. thought-provoking and ultimately a tad sad.

  2. This is so beautiful ... a hard fact brought to light !!!

  3. Awesome set Hank, lovely picture you have used. I love the third verse the most. Childhood can be a wonderful time, but it's also fast gone.
    Thank you for participating in Carpe Diem.

  4. i only wish it did not have to..and there are those that show us it does not have to...not for staying immature but finding ways to still play and see life as kids do...

  5. As kids we think a day is a week, a week is a year and life is forever. Once we're grown, we realise how fleeting it all is. Yes, a touch sad but lovely.

  6. I wish for these children to be carefree and joyful and enjoying it as long as they could ~ Once grown, we are old for a long time ~

  7. Yeah it seems to go away to fast, but then just pretend you are a cat and it sticks with you for a while longer haha

  8. Childhood is so fleeting ... sad that some kids want to grow up so fast while as adults we try to recapture the essence of childhood to keep us young at heart!!

  9. Having a puppy reminds me to live in the moment, and to enjoy the perpetual childhood of my pet....He will never 'grow up' .... He encourages me with his Peter Pan attitude!

  10. Excellent haiku ~ well penned ~ great photo ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  11. Beautiful!.. You amde me think of my super lved nephews and nieces.... Wll be home some to enjoy a little of their youth as we live far from each other...


  12. Time flies, seize the moment, here nothing lasts forever...
    Your haiku trio is lovely, being my favorite the second one with those precious words smothered kisses and hugs...