Monday, September 17, 2018

clever angle of a spin to outsmart

                                                                          Attribution: © 2017 Jee & Rani Nature 
                                                                                           Photography (License: CC BY-SA 4.0)
Image: Eye Unwittingly
Playing tricks (here)

the 12 given words:
Abracadabra Almond Always Amplify
Arduous (hard to accomplish or achieve)
Artifice (cunning; ingenuity; inventiveness)
Atypical (not typical; irregular; abnormal)
Angle Avoid Agonize Ankle 

abracadabra... an almond-eyed beauty
always contending to amplify her talents
in arduous magical endeavours surreptitiously
created with artifice and atypical assertions

a clever angle of a spin not just to outsmart
but to avoid a conflict agonizingly expended
with ankles deeply embedded in the mud
waiting in the cold equally frustrated

a lesson learnt for in all innocence
the desire to inflict a hurt on a person
not physically but still with bad intentions
will fail in whatever forms of connivance

Yves' MLMM with a Bonus
Wordle of the letter 'A'
Vivian's at Real Toad's the tuesday platform


  1. Yves is MLMM and Brenda is The Sunday Whirl =) I love that you went with alliteration and even threw in some extras! Well done Hank, well done

    1. Apologies for messing it up, Amber Ma'am. Will do a correction. As a clarification is Amber a nom de plume of Yves?


  2. Well done Hank on the achievement of a wonderful poem, The use of the given words is excellent.

    Enjoy this new week.

  3. Have to watch those spins, can do you umm ins

  4. I really like the first line, how Abracadabra seems to conjure the subject into being... out of thin air.

  5. A very clever use of those given words, Hank! And I have to say the this write is linguistically superior. The first line is a wonderful 'ta-da!' moment. Good one!

  6. Oh if only all bad intentions could be thwarted. It would be a far more peaceful world.

  7. Oh, I love the final stanza which makes for a perfect closing of this magical journey. That desire to inflict a hurt when ends in failure suggests that something out there may after all be looking out for us.

  8. Wonderful word play here Hank. You always amaze me with your beautiful poetry!

  9. Such a great wordplay here... I have a feeling that inflicting hurt is all too common... maybe we just need to spread blame for our own failures

  10. An eloquent inclusion of all your prompt words. Great write!

  11. Excellent wordplay! Linguistic superior poem!

  12. Great use of a word list, and yeah for the thwarting of bad intentions.


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