Saturday, September 22, 2018

a clean-up or even a restoration

                                                                                                    Attribution: Google Images
Image: Ruins (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
fish tap bucket dream ask swirl 
lamp night water roof call 

to fish for ideas for salvation
to tap into the survival instincts
a bucketful of leads for solutions
are but a dream

to ask questions is to beget
more questions that swirl
in the cluttered mind

a lamp dim-lit at the staircase
the only living thing left
intense in tenacity to keep staying
alive now long gone

nights are cold hot water is
but a wish except for drippings
of leakage from the roof-top

allowed to succumb to vagaries
of nature and left in ruins
a big responsibility to call
for a clean-up or even a

a face-saving attempt
to right a split-up of parents
imposed on young shoulders

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  1. Much is left to ruin and much of the time we or another trying to force their power are to blame.

  2. The ruins of childhood due to divorce - excellent metaphor.

  3. There is responsibility assumed in any cleanup. It may require more effort than one anticipated.

  4. You describe so well the misery, confusion and emptiness of divorce for children, no matter what age. I was especially drawn to the "tenacity" of the lamp. How dare it remain lit when all is gone.

  5. Dark images are wonderfully explored. Beautiful Hank.

  6. I see them all the time... and they get through it, scarred.

  7. Oh wow........those last few lines are heart-breaking.

  8. A call for a big clean up, I vote for that.