Saturday, April 7, 2012


Image:1 Tiger at his moment of shame as quoted from news reports ' Woods, after a bad miss with a 4-iron into the par-5 15th hole on Friday, hit a poor tee shot with a 9-iron on the par-3 16th. He let the club fall from his hands, then turned in anger and kicked it some 15 yards'
Picture Credit: Google Images

The US Masters at Augusta National
Made a bad play of bad golf
Much was expected

But what a letdown
Showed promise with Bay Hill win (here)
Going for his fifth

But alas, now may
Even be subjected to
Discipline measures

For unbecoming
Behavior as a Pro
A pity, really

Haiku Heights April Heights 8th Day #120 -  Play

Process note:  Tiger was under tremendous pressure in his 5th bid for the Green Jacket. The two acts of unprofessional behavior shown both on Friday and Saturday would certainly invite disciplinary actions from the PGA Tour organizers.


  1. is this true colors
    or just frustration
    at his own inconsitancy?

  2. Unique version of a life haiku ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  3. It's more of frustrations, Brian! Have seen worst antics in play with other golfers. Profanities and unruly behavior are quite common.The downside is if you allow your emotions to rule your head,it'll affect your game. He is not expected to win with this affliction. We'll see how for tomorrow!


  4. A sad story told in haiku Well done.

  5. Yeah prob more of a frustration thing, but after all the crap he went through you'd think he would keep such stuff out of the public eye.

  6. Well what do I say..I don't follow golf.. but you appear to have told a stroy well.. thanks..

  7. I've been out of GOLF for a long time now...but its really sad to hear about woods' such story...
    nice set of Haiku... :)

  8. i think they're under so much pressure and constant observation...and maybe there came different things together....and then just...ugh..

  9. Let down indeed! - We've had quite a few of those of late!

  10. Seems like there's been a lot of frustration at the Masters. I was looking at photos of Rory Mcilroy and Sergio (don't know his name). But Tiger shouldn't kick clubs!

    Interesting ideas for haiku!


  11. It seems Tiger's frustration on so many levels was played out on the golf course...nice haiku

  12. discipline is what make a pro

    voices in a treat

  13. Unique direction ...

    Having just finished watching the Masters (via my husband's passion)!
    Sadly, trouble with the pressure of rapid fame; too many changes, for which many fall prey!

    This is my Day 8 ~~ Waiting Their Turn.