Saturday, April 28, 2012


                                                         Le Vampire by Philip Burne-Jones
Image:  Courtesy of d'Verse

Like a piercing knife
Unflinchingly targetted
Gnawing at his neck

Mouth wide open, fangs
Stabbed deep and with a shrill cry
Withdrew fast, bleeding

The operation
Completed in a jiffy
The vampire snarled

The world at his feet
Surreptitiously engaged
Bloody and ready

Written for d'Verse Poetics -Vampire and Haiku Heights Day 29 #141

Borrowed the first line 'Like a piercing knife' from Charles Baudelaire's poem and developed from there


  1. ha...quite a task oriented vampire you're having here...ya know...i prefer the playful ones that take a bit more time...smiles

  2. These work very well, I think. Build up into a commendable poem.

  3. No excursions into the political, allegorical, or metaphorical here - you've presented a straight-up verse of the vampire mythos.

  4. lol...mission accomplished now he can get on with the rest of the night...smiles...

  5. That vampire needs to be staked soon
    Or thrown into the sun at high noon

  6. Locked and loaded! Or do they say unlocked and loaded! Ha! Fun poem. K.

  7. Nothing worse than a vamp that's all biz, lol. Liked ur poem alot.

  8. Vampire as consumer, always ready to devour. I enjoyed your linked senryu.

  9. Very precise, very succinct statement about that puncture that might come at any time! I just hope the next doctor I visit has their priorities correct. :)

  10. Nice job. You really painted quite the picture here and love how you started with a Baudelaire line and then spawning your own from that. Very cool. Thanks

  11. Very efficient vampire... looks like he has a lot of victims ahead :P

  12. You went straight for the jugular here. What a ferocious, powerful, frightening monster you've described. Really nice job.