Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Night Fishing

Image:  The Morning After, Hank with
a Whopper, a long time ago! It brought 
back the memories

It was late afternoon. The heat of the day still beating down on us. The sea
was calm. The sky was clear in bluish hues with white clouds drifting leisurely by. 
It looked to be so inviting. The beach was filled with the shrieks and laughter
of the youngsters, stragglers from the crowd barely minutes ago. It would
be quiet shortly with dusk approaching.

We put out to sea in the middle of the night. The heavens above were full of twinkling 
stars. A slight sea breeze playfully rocked the boat a little. We shone the torch-lights 
into the crystal clear waters. That was one way to attract the squids to the surface 
which were scooped up as bait.

Light waves kept lapping the sides of the boat to a regular rhythm. It rocked 
us in time preventing us from having a shut-eye. The night was uneventful with 
just small bites. The regular rocking was a bother. It was frustrating and the night 
was long. The break of dawn was the clincher.Bites galore, what a whopper!

Night fishing was a test of patience

in still of the night
rocking lullaby movements
not meant to doze off

Lillian's at d'Verse Haibun Monday - down memory lane


  1. WELL! First, I LOVE the photo of you in your youth! This is a wonderful memory to have....night fishing. I've never experienced it. It seems to me one should have a thermos of hot cocoa or coffee with you while trying to fish, stay awake and enjoy the glorious stars. I could feel the rocking....You took me right into this memory. The haiku is the perfect complement!

  2. Now that's a fish, Hank!
    Funny they didn't bite until the end. Maybe you should've started later? I bet it's hard to predict though.

  3. Loved the phot, loved the fish and loved the post Hank.
    My late husband used to love fishing brought back fond memories. Thank you.
    Take care.

  4. That looks like more than a squid! I saw some squid fishermen heading out these evening. It must be an atmospheric experience; no wonder this memory stayed with you.

  5. Oh that sounds like an adventure, but personally I lack the patience for fishing... lots of work and waiting until the fish took the bait.

  6. Perfect recollection of what I know was thrilling!

  7. Excellent tale Hank! I loved night fishing, my dad had a knack for it... and the wilderness darkness in Canada lent wonderful mystery to it. Your haiku reminded me of dozing on the floor, in the bow of the boat on the extra life jackets.