Tuesday, March 30, 2021

from a good housewife an outright privilege

                                                                                         Author:Matthew Paul Argall
Image:  It Served its Purpose (here)

fluff and fold (non-self service at the laundrette)
spin cycle (to extract moisture from the clothes)
wash & wear (without any need to iron)
wrinkled and shrinkage
a peek at an interesting daily adventure 
jealously held by the lady of the household 
the domain of the home decision-maker
to do it yourself or to fluff and fold 

is it not almost an everyday affair
for a spin cycle of the soiled heap
to rightly separate the wash and wear
to avoid the delicates from excessive heat

it is an art not easily comprehensible
to avoid the unsightly wrinkles and shrinkage
ensuring good turnout of the menfolks possible
but from a good housewife an outright privilege

De at d'Verse : Poetics: Put your words on spin cycle


  1. I like your exploration of the laundry vocabulary.

  2. You have done well weaving all those prompt words in. I guess some women enjoy being 'good housewives.' I'm not one of them!

  3. There were wonderful back yard over-the-fence conversations on Monday mornings back in the days of clotheslines!

  4. This makes me happy that laundry - and housework in general - are no longer a full time job!

  5. Great use of the given words Hank a new outlook on laundry.
    Well done.


  6. I think it's a privilege to share the chores of doing the laundry (but I don't let anyone else do the ironing)

  7. It does not look easy at all but doing these chores must be done right.

  8. You have incorporated the given words so seamlessly, Hank! Kudos!💝