Saturday, March 6, 2021

not asked for it nor had she demanded

                                                                               Author: Romain Thiery
Image: It Had Seen Better Days (here)

not asked for it nor had she demanded
rummaging through the pile of rubble
was painstaking but why not she thought
she had expected something unusual

she spied an old picture of her first love
a torrid love affair all for the better
her knuckles bore the pain her fingers puffed
but it filled the hours she did remember

one day on a beautiful day it happened
she was fingering the keys with grace
the dreaded news came all so sudden
he was leaving to a faraway place

having a house far away from civilisation
it was imperative one thing led to the other
she was awkwardly deprived of other options
when she unashamedly lost her piano teacher

Carrie's Sunday Muse #150


  1. A great love affair indeed. A piano, a first love for many I am sure. This is lovely Hank!

  2. In love with the music teacher, it happens. I barely remember my piano teacher, about 30 years ago. First love, first wife? I was sooo very happy when mine moved 800 miles across the state (Texas). But years later she came back to within a few miles down the road. That is okay.

  3. Luv that last line twist

    Happy Sunday Hank


  4. This is wonderful Hank, I played the piano from the age of two and had lesson from four, This brought back many memories.
    Thank you.

  5. The love of music can be painful to the heart.

  6. I like where the photo took you, Hank! It made for a great read.

  7. This photo sure has a look of melancholy to it. Your story filled in the blanks.

  8. Love this, Hank! Have a great week.

  9. I never learned to play the piano, but your poem makes me feel what it was like. beautiful