Friday, March 19, 2021

One's presence can evoke varied reactions

                                                                                                  Photographer Nicu Buculei 
Image: Lonesome and blue (here)
One's presence can evoke varied reactions
by nature, an initial response is a welcome
society blessed by people with good intentions
never had it been said fairness is one of them

lacking sincere judgment is very common
the ugly duckling is often caught in the game
easier accomplished by drawing comparisons
cuddly and cute but still subject to shame

those affected not to lament on a bad situation
despite running the gauntlet taking in all the rough
given time a reversal is forthcoming at the end
basking in glory and having the last laugh

Michael at MLMM's  Tale Weaver # 319 - the ugly duckling
Bjorn at d'Verse Open Link Night #288 - March - live edition


  1. Ugly ducklings bring memories of every fairy tale I know ... they turn into fairy princesses / princes. Cheers, Hank and happy weekend!

  2. People aren't fair and neither is life.

  3. Something I can relate to Hank.
    Wonderfully written as always.
    Take care.

  4. No one ever said life would be fair but, I wish the scale would balance better.

  5. Hank, this feels so much like an "I, Ching" reading. Everything does go in cycles. I appreciate the reminder that all circumstances travel in perpetual cycles. Why drown in the dark parts?

  6. Having run the gauntlet, basking in glory and having the last laugh. May it so be.

  7. Life will never be fair, but it can be fairer