Sunday, March 21, 2021

thankfully there to look after the many

                                                                                        Author: The National Guard
Image: Strict security (here)    

synonyms: the 5 challenge words:
hope (expectation prospect)
bring (deliver convey)
try (aspire strive)
love (adulate idolise)
hill (knoll)

good prospects and expectations
likely to deliver the goodness of nature
conveying the blessings of Providence
prompting the chosen few to strive further

aspiring to idolise with sincere adulation
rich beings given to contribute with ease
time and resources in times of concern
currently faced by humanity under siege

also unsung front-liners who sacrifice
and who ride over the knoll unselfishly
dicing personal well-being extending service
thankfully are there to look after the many

weejars at MLMM's Same Same But Different’ 
- to take the five challenge words and NOT to use them in the writing.


  1. Yes Hank so many people worldwide there to help in ths situation. Our thanks must go to them. Wonderful verse.


  2. I enjoy reading the stories about the people who appreciate all those still working (very hard) through our current crisis. One small town had a small party for their delivery guy and even raised some funds for him!