Friday, March 30, 2018

Picturesque and colorful

                                                                                                    Author:Peter Smyly
Image:  Spring has arrived in St James’s Park. (here)

The tanaga is a quatrain with four
seven-syllable lines.Traditionally all
four lines rhyme, ie aaaa bbbb or
cccc  One can also try other rhyme
variations, like aabb ccdd, or abab

Spring sneaked in early chock-ful
Greenery galore, it is
Picturesque and colorful
Great time outdoors peaceful bliss

Cold that enveloped the mind
Just passing irritation
Normalcy now all the signs
Appeasing expectations

Frank at d'Verse's MTB  -  tanaga


  1. Spring sneaking on in and pushing out that irritation of the cold works for us.

  2. Spring sneaked in and took over here.

  3. Still waiting here for Spring to sneak in. A hopeful tanaga to brighten my day!

  4. Spring did sneak in, especially for all those people in the Northern lands. You have brightened up St. James Park, looks like Spring has sprung now!

  5. I like the "greenery galore" and how spring sneaks in early...beautiful daffodils in park!

  6. It is supposed to get cold tomorrow where I am, but it is just a passing irritation. Nice tanaga!

  7. Heartwarming picture Hank after the hard winter,


  8. Spring sneaking in.....I'm thinking of the folks in the midwest US who had snow on Easter. For them....spring is really really taking its time sneaking in!