Tuesday, March 13, 2018

No more zooming in Aston Martins

                                                                                               Author Paul Anderson
Image: The Super-heroes wannabes (here)

Super-charged, super strength
Extended technology
Computer animated
All combined to redefine
the ability that defied odds
of Super-power heroes

No more stalking
No more running-around, punching
No more zooming in Aston Martins

It is now flying through the air
wielding firepower from within themselves
that can inflict untold and tragic outcomes
coupled and supported with sci-fi works
flashers and explosions

It has brought Super-hero
exploits to a whole new level

It is fun growing up for the youngsters!

Lillian's at d'Verse's super-me


  1. Sure went farther than Bond and the like. As now they can do pretty much anything on screen indeed.

  2. BAM!! WOWZA!! Super Hero comic figures/Marvel characters brought to life on the screen and in books. Kids soak it up. Hopefully they also learn about more quiet heroes...right? I'm thinking this morning of Stephen Hawking who died today. Debilitated body, he chose to use his mind, unlocking the secrets of the universe. Now that's a hero who truly walked the earth!
    So glad you participated in the prompt.

    1. It is most sad and tragic. He chose not to give in or give up. If only he had not neen afflicted what wonders we would have had from a great mind. Very true Lillian, hail a super hero!


  3. Ha.. I think that we always soak it up... James Bond has his days--- now it's mutants. Maybe it's not the heroes really... (but i do remember Batman clothes)

  4. I suppose if we were superheroes we would be likely to "inflict untold and tragic outcomes".

  5. Thanks for a great poem Hank, wonderful to read.