Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Man, to play with words at bedtime....

                                                                                               Author:Alpha Coders
Image: Secured beyond Doubt (here)

11 of 12 given words:
man play words bedtime best together 
turn English read mail small

Man, to play with words at bedtime
is such a fascinating privilege
It is the best time to just sail along

Creative juices gnawing relentlessly
in friendly banter wanting to sneak out
is a most challenging experience  - a
stake-out of the elusive treasure trove
inherent in one's being  

The quiet of the evening together
with tired bones now rested is a turn
for the better courtesy of an afternoon
nap and an encounter with English
tea earlier in the day

The gap before bed is also an ideal
time-frame within which to read the
mail in preparation for the following
day's events 

It may just be a respite to unlock the
often  small intrusions of seemingly
unwelcomed writer's block 

Stake-out in this instance:  something: to claim 
ownership of or a particular interest in something

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  1. I think email is one of the worst inventions ever, Hank. I'm scared to check my mailbox. Hundreds of emails demanding a reply :(

    1. You are very right Blue! Time-wasters reading and deleting the unwanted ones. Hank takes it however, as an ideal avenue, a 'product' for easy communication!


  2. Love this especially; "an encounter with English tea earlier in the day."💜

  3. Love the English tea and nap........and I envy that your creative juices flow in the evening. By then I am comatose, lol. I love the "elusive treasure trove inherent in one's being".

  4. This is also a precious time of day for me!

  5. I also like that 'ideal time frame'. A nice one Hank.

  6. afternoon nap following by tea.. heaven!

  7. Make a set time and do what one can do, otherwise they can sure annoy with so many coming due

  8. The time before bed is always spent in preparation for the next day, whether my mind is still working or not.

  9. I have trouble concentrating in the late evening. I guess we all have a special time when those creative juices flow.

  10. The evening holds a magic for me, as well.

  11. I usually check the mail in the morning, but yes – that time before bed is often good for writing.

  12. This gap before bed is exactly where I am now....time to catch up on poems and comment. Good one :)