Friday, March 9, 2018

Is there a way out of the doldrums?

                                                                                          Attribution: anon 
Image: What is There Beyond (here)

Contemplating life's challenges
Quietly assessing and reviewing
Is there a way out of the doldrums
Looking outwardly is inspiring

Archway  an open book inviting
Lamenting in the shadows sadly
Venture out decisively by stepping
Under and across perhaps awkwardly

Nothing to stultify a progress desired
Sincere efforts will be aptly rewarded

Sue Vincent's Photo Prompt - arch
MLMM's  Saturday Mix  -  fables


  1. I've been looking for quite a while Hank.
    Buit it will come I'm sure.
    Loved the read. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Have to keep on a trying to find that exit

  3. Thank you for joining the prompt this week. I'll be reblogging this on the 14th and linking back with the round-up.