Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A time to reflect on remembrances

                                                                                             Author ForestWander
Image: Fishing in the Shades (here)

A for Anamnesis :Remembrance and reminiscences

A time to reflect on remembrances and reminiscences
We used to be free when young, I remember all those days
Barely into our teens we used to make disappearing acts
To be with all of our buddies with time on our side

Out in the morning to be with all the neighborhood kids
Whoever were free most of them were all eager to join in
Cycling around or under a shady tree with the line and tackle
With some luck there would be some catch to be shared

Then back home for lunch our absence not felt or missed
We did our own thing literally, we fashioned our own playthings
A cart with the wheels of a discarded perambulator for one
There was no end to the ingenuity of a deprived lot

It is not foreign to be stuck within the four walls of home
Improvise and time to catch up on those that had been put off
Family members now surprised at having completed many things
It has been that number of days all locked up in a lockdown

A to Z April Challenge for 'A' 


  1. True, not a foreign place indeed and one can use the time wisely.

  2. Great time to have family chat, game together, and so on ;)
    A is for Art Déco