Tuesday, April 14, 2020

for it is a rediscovery in fact

                                                                                                           Author :pathlost
Image: They Finally are Together (here)

L for Love in Present Day Blogging 

it is a discovery
a pleasant one considering the circumstances
it is a faint feeling of wanting
to accomplish under dire straits
it is an awareness
after being blind taking things for granted
notwithstanding the stress and and boredom
it involuntarily opens up the mind

only when one is under duress
that wisdom comes too late
that it comes in spurts
it comes with an urging of emptiness
but still it creates a sudden desire
to make amends with that tinge of regret

it matters not though
for it is a rediscovery in fact
of love and affections of old
that overwhelm all and sundry
in the strict confines of the house
love to be shared within the family
all over again!

Jayden's at A to Z Challenge  - L