Friday, April 24, 2020

Untiring efforts to honest living

                                                                                                          Author: Ermell
Image: Knocking off Some Sweat
to Feed the Family (here)

U for Untiring Efforts

First Line Friday To include the line below
Was that a knock?

In addition, other instances of 'knock'
knocking off a bank (to rob)
knocking off someone else's ideas (to copy or imitate)
knock it off (to refrain) 
knock out (to render unconscious)
takes a knock (to be damaged because of a bad experience)

Was that a knock?
The context of situation determine
that crazy ideas abound in times of crisis
not so much out of mischief
but more of survival.

Knocking off a bank would seem fun
pitting the expertise of the perpetrator
to that of the bank's tight security
but it would be more on how to outwit the system
than to really hope to gain ready cash

Knocking off from some known publications
would help with making short-cuts to genuine efforts
but plagiarism would not be the right way
There could even be criminal transgressions

Just knock it off!
A knock out blow against evil intentions
would be the likely attitude to adopt

One's credibility and integrity
would take a knock otherwise
Play it safe and stay indoors!

Dylan's at MMT' - First Line Friday
A to Z Challenge - U


  1. The load on that bicycle is amazing. Reminds me of when I was a single mom, with only a bike for "wheels", and hauled home groceries, plants and even TREES by bike: on front basket and back basket - peering through the fronds as I cycled, making people at intersections smile. But nothing like the load in your photo. Thanks for stopping by my site, Hank. So lovely to see you.

  2. Good on the knock, Hank, this must have been a fun write.
    Your top picture is a winner, he is so top heavy with the load that he needs a helper to keep the load on the bike. I've seen them loaded big time, but never needing a helper. The largest I've seen was a huge TV strapped on the bike.
    BTW, the hole plugs in electrical junction boxes are called "knock outs".
    Thanks for peeking in, we've been missing each other for quite a long while now, I hope things are fine with you.
    Stay Safe.

  3. Hi Hank, Hope you and yours are staying safe.
    Rules and regulations can be hard to cope with - keeping distance, wearing face coverings... Whose to know if this current crisis is the first or second wave of this disease or if once we are told we can go back to what was that due to others traveling that a third wave might yet arrive. Seems even with being frustrated, we ought to try our best to as they say flatten the curve completely before we allow another to rise. So hard for some, but many in different areas are stepping up their kindness. And that is how we will continue to cope and progress.

    Be well and keep safe my friend, Jules