Friday, April 3, 2020

We are as yet to be relevant

                                                                                            Author:Simon Burchell
Image: Social distancing Upon
completion of Purchases  (here)

C for Communications                            

We are as yet to be spared
We are as yet to be given leeway
We are as yet to be relevant

No way to be given the normal
No way to be acknowledged like before
Even abruptly face to face on the grocery hunt
Yes, communicating unlike before
Social distancing whoever heard of it

It was something like it
But that was in 1918

Now it is the new awareness in fashion
One just can't fathom all of its contending difficulties
More of inconvenience which is accepted
Unless one chooses to look death in the face
An unlikely choice of an alternative
So it is!
Unfriendly as it appears
But very necessary
Not overly in communication but still communicating!

A to Z Challenge C for Communications
Grace's at d'Verse OLN #263


  1. Yeah, many don't want to do it, but necessary it is

  2. Waving an elbow and smiling with our eyes.
    Yes it is an unusual time.
    Be safe Hank.
    My Letter C

  3. Good observation in the last line. Our communication has become different.

  4. Let us keep safe by social or physical distancing. But always keep our connection togther!

  5. Thank goodness for the internet or it would be way worse.