Monday, April 13, 2020

one feels privileged for having discovered blogging

                                                                                       Author Martin Falbisoner
Image: Rows of Empty Seats (here)
(the regulars are staying home)

K for Keeping the Tradition

keeping the tradition of wanting to communicate
it does not come in a rumble nor using a lone pigeon
but rather a continuous effort through the years
the beauty of not having to physically uproot oneself
from the comforts of one's own domain yet connecting

nor laughing at the same joke at the same time together
as does a TV addict but still alone, feeling lonely
blogging is healthy not outwardly stressed or pressured
but browsing and surfing at one's own pace and leisure

one feels privileged for having discovered blogging
and of enjoying each other's company just as before
a welcomed tool for filling the time of an otherwise
frustrating and boring situation imposed by the lockdown

A to Z Challenge - K


  1. Really enjoying the sense of community that I enjoyed way back when. I was thinking about when I met you in the blog verse about 10 years ago - there's always a connection because of blogging.
    The letter K

  2. Blogland sure can be grand indeed. Especially when you do it when and how you want.

  3. I'm certainly glad I discovered blogging!

  4. For sure, blogging is a huge community to connect with.