Monday, April 27, 2020

Wooing a Lady of Choice

                                                                                Author: Andrea Lawardi
Image: Coy in accepting (here)

W for Wooing a Lady
10 of 12 given words:
bluster (to talk or act with noisy threats)
chronaxie (the least amount of time the brain
must send a signal to actually take action)
romance time break highway steel spoon indigo 

wooing a lady of choice seems a drag
a smooth talker but he blusters and brag
more so with empty threats so ineffectively
perhaps lacking in chronaxie ability

romance in time and good looks his forte
and given to frequent breaks on the highway
just so to maintain a steely demeanor
to spoon feed a desire hungry for more

when the bright hot day turns indigo
that he accords time for his bruised ego
often before dark on a certain good day
a respite to recover its right way

a hard call but he learnt it the hard way

MLMM's Wordle #187-2
A to Z Challenge - W


  1. Can't woo them all.
    Chronaxie - I never knew there was a name for that.

  2. The plight of the smooth talker - true to form.
    Well written Hank.

  3. Oh good job, and you used chronaxie... that was the one word i skipped!

  4. Great to see you Hank. Poor fella he will be back to chatting up the ladies in no time.