Wednesday, April 15, 2020

the dilemma of the new normal

                                                                                       Author Brad Flickinger
Image: Engrossed during
the Lockdown  (here)

M for Melodious Cockerel

All through the night tossing and turning
A relief with morning appearance of the sun's rays
Melodious cockerel soothingly every morning
For all to draw on their resources to fill their day

From then on order had seen a change lately
No more rushing in early morning traffic
Unlike the birds that ventured forth freely
Mortals in the house stayed unmoved transfixed

Such is the dilemma of the new normal
Threw order out the window in consternation
Unwittingly acting in unison around the world
Not in living memory of such devastation

A to Z Challenge - M
Lillian's at d'Verse's OLN


  1. Order has definitely changed recently. I wonder how long the new normal will last.

  2. "Threw order out the window in consternation" and imposed a new World one! But the cockerel never changes

  3. Nature is enjoying our lockdown ;)

  4. Things sure have rearranged, some for the better, some not.

  5. You post so often at dVerse, Hank. I suspect you simply forgot to link to dVerse or tag us? Can you please do that? Or am I just not seeing it?

    1. Ah I see it now.
      I like how you address the new normal here. It really is quite a surreal world out there right now. I am reminded what someone told me after my husband had his cardiac arrest and our lives changed: "Normal is simply a setting on the dryer."

  6. The sun rising each morning is our anchor to whatever the rest of the day brings.

  7. Life has definitely change and we have a new normal but, I hope once a vaccine is found, we can return to something a bit more freeing.

    stay safe Hank

  8. Not in living memory. I like thinking of the birds having the traffic.

  9. I think the new normal will be abnormal for a while, until it becomes normal.

  10. We are throwing much out the window....such which really needed to go!

  11. Nature will fill the spaces we leave when we stay at home.