Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Selfishness grew out of deprivations

                                                                             Attribution: delphine gemini
Image: Seeing double (here)

10 of 12 given words:
daughters pure pockets shakes trust moves
welter (a large number in no order; a confused mass)
bedside wisdom blossoming,

Having lovely daughters in reality
Growing from pure dainty little darlings
Pockets of innocence in sibling rivalry
That shook trust into petty bitching

Moves of wants unfairly imposed
In a welter of confusing house rules
Contrary to belief often supposed
Smacked into unnecessary ridicules

Envious tendencies were often inborn
Had beginnings from bedside of infants
Selfishness grew out of deprivations
Held tenaciously by elements of favoritism

Fortunately blood seen thicker than water
Wisdom and tact ultimately prevailed
Blossoming into sophistication perhaps later
A tribute to sisterly feelings rightly entailed

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MMT's Sunday Whirligig Wordle #163
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  tribute poem

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  1. Sibling jealousy is harmful sometimes. Thank god good sense also prevails. A nice tribute to sisterly feelings Hank.

  2. "Selfishness grew out of deprivations
    Held tenaciously by elements of favoritism"
    (among sisters and brothers, too, though they are not quite like "seeing double.") This hits home!

  3. Age and good sense can sure show siblings the light.

  4. Bickering as kids, friends as adults!

  5. All is normal still, nothing has changed since I was bullied by my elder brother 70 years ago. Mind you he was tiny bit better as an adult we were then friends living many miles apart!

  6. Fun (and accurate) take on sibling relations.

  7. A good reflection of sibling rivalry...especially girls (I shudder!).
    well penned :)

  8. A thoughtful write. I enjoyed reading....

  9. I have no siblings but I understand the rivalries that can ensue. Glad relationship was mended in the end.

  10. You nailed that relationship for sure. A wonderful take on the prompt! Thank you for joining us over at The Sunday Muse KayKuala!

  11. "Blood Is Thicker Than Water! how very true Hank.
    I wish my offsprings would realise that.
    Great verse and a joy to read.


  12. The push and pull of sisterhood comes alive in these lines!